Franco Belge Montfort Elegance 5KW

We installed this Franco Belge Montfort Elegance 5KW in a property in Colne, the job consisted of removing a cast iron open fire and cleaning up original brickwork. A wooden pine beam was made to look old and distressed and also carved to match the shape of the arch. Job Location: Colne, Lancashire, BB8.

Thorma Zaragoza 5KW Wood Burning Stove

We installed this Thorma Zaragoza 5KW Wood Burning Stove into a room that didn’t have a class one chimney, we used a black powder coated rigid twin wall flue system with the flue exiting through the wall at 45 degrees. Another option would be to take the flue system up through the second floor and out through the roof. The hearth is black granite. Job Location: Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4.

Esse 100SE With False Chimney Breast

Another stove we installed in a room that required a rigid twin wall flue system. Rather than having a free standing stove the client wanted a false chimney breast building which was built out of concrete block – as well as being the safest material to build it out of it also acts as a great retainer of heat once the stove has gone out. Job Location: Burnley, Lancashire, BB10.

Charnwood Cove 1 Stove Installation

Our customer was keen to bring the original fireplace opening back to life so it was exposed and cleaned up (re-pointed with lime mortar containing black cement dye), and a reclaimed oak beam and reclaimed stone hearth was sourced locally and installed. We also sanded and varnished the floor. The stove is a Charnwood Cove 1 in Almond. Job Location: Barrowford, Lancashire, BB9.

Broseley Serrano 5 Stove Installation

We installed this 5KW Broseley Serrano 5 in a Bungalow in Bacup, Lancashire. As there was no constructional hearth (the floor joists protruded into chimney breast) it was necessary to remove part of the wooden floor and build up the constructional hearth to bring the installation up to date with part J of the building regulations. This was back-filled with hardcore and a concrete hearth laid. Indian flags were then used as the decorative hearth. Job Location: Bacup, Lancashire, OL13.

Parkray Consort 5 Slimline Stove Installation

You never know what will be revealed when ‘opening up’ an old fireplace. This job in Nelson, Lancashire exposed quite an interesting shaped fireplace opening. The original brickwork was cleaned up and part re-built in this trapezium shaped fireplace, a reclaimed oak beam was fitted above the fireplace opening. A 6 inch flue liner and new chimney pot was also fitted. The stove is a 5KW Parkray Consort Slimline. Job Location: Nelson, Lancashire, BB9.

Firefox Gallery Collection 8 Muti-Fuel Stove

The client wanted exposed bricks for this job and because the original brickwork was in an unsatisfactory condition we we opted to to use hand-made bricks to give it the ‘old’ look. A reclaimed dutch elm beam (from Blackpool) was fitted, the stove is a Gallery Collection Cleanburn 8. Job Location: Nelson, Lancashire, BB9.

Firefox 5 and Firefox 8 Gas Stove Installation

We installed both a Firefox 5 and an 8 in two neighbouring properties in Barnoldswick. We carried out the work simultaneously to reduce the cost of both jobs. A European oak mantel was fitted to them and the hearth is made out of handmade bricks. Job Location: Barnoldswick, Lancashire, BB18.

Parkray Consort 5 Slimline Stove Installation

The customer on this occasion chose to carry out much of the preparation work prior to us commencing the job to reduce the cost of the installation. Our work included the re-pointing of the bricks and plastering of the chimney breast as well as installing the Parkray stove and twin wall flue liner. Job Location: Colne, Lancashire, BB8.

Westfire Series 2 Stove Installation

This was an interesting job – not your standard twin-wall flue installation; To maximize room space we built an external fireplace opening with a stone flag roof – and a black powder coated twin wall flue system. The stove is a Westfire Series 2 (7KW), we also installed an external air kit meaning the combustion air was supplied straight into the stove from outside thus reducing cold draughts in the house. Job Location: Burnley, Lancashire, BB12.

Gallery Collection Firefox 5 Stove Installation

A 5kw Firefox Stove (Gallery Collection Classic 5) – This was installed in a terraced house in Colne. We always make sure the customers property is well protected and make sure the house is as clean as we found it. We always give the chimney a thorough sweeping before installing a wood burning stove.

Parkray Consort 4

We fitted this Parkray Consort 4 in a detached property in Whalley, Clitheroe. The job included the decommissioning and removal of an inset gas fire and fireplace surround. The fireplace opening was made considerably larger and three new concrete lintels were installed to take the weight of the precast concrete flue. Due to it being an external chimney, a six inch 904 grade flue liner was installed and then back-filled with vermiculite (this is to insulate the flue and prevent tar forming by the cooling of the combustion products). The fireplace opening was cladded with 25mm vermiculite board and finished by spraying with high temperature stove paint. We also fitted a black granite hearth (supplied by Slate Age of Fence, Burnley). Job location: Whalley, Clitheroe Lancashire, BB7.

Dunsley Highlander 10 and Morso Squirrel

Both of these stoves were installed in very rustic looking fireplaces. The larger of the two (10KW) is a Dunsley Highlander 10 and the smaller one (5KW) is a Morso Squirrel. Job Locations: Briercliffe, Lancashire BB10 & Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14.

Esse 500 Stove Installation

This 5KW Esse 500 stove was installed in a property just a stones throw from where the stove was designed and built in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. The customer was particularly fond of this fact, as well as having a superbly built stove. Master British stove maker ESSE was established in 1854, making it arguably the UK’s longest standing stove manufacturer. Job location: Barnoldswick, Lancashire, BB18.

Aarrow i400 Inset Stove

We installed this Aarrow i400 inset stove with a solid granite hearth in a semi detached house in Burnley. Job Location: Burnley, Lancashire, BB10.

Broseley Serrano 7 Stove Installation

This Broseley Serrano 7KW stove replaced an inset gas fire and false stone fire surround. We insulated the flue liner using vermiculite due to the chimney being on a north facing gable end wall. Job Location: Burnley, Lancashire, BB12.

Esse 100DD Stove Installation

This job included the removal of old gas fire and exposing the original stonework. It’s always a surprise when revealing the original fireplace, much of the stone had been painted and needed to be laboriously ‘scutched’, the back wall was cleaned up and re-pointed, a new stone hearth was laid. Job Location: Brierfield, Lancashire, BB9.

Aarrow Sherborn Stove Installation

This 5KW Aarrow Sherborn Compact was installed in a conservatory in Whalley. Job Location: Whalley, Lancashire, BB7.

Aga Little Wenlock Stove Installation

We replaced this Aga Little Wenlock that was installed in the 1980’s with the updated version by Aga (still called Little Wenlock) as it had served the customer well for the past 25+ years. Some building work was necessary to bring the installation up to current standards (note the extended hearth), the back of the fireplace opening was also re-rendered with a lime render mix. Job Location: Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7.

Evergreen Stove

This Evergreen Stove was installed in a property in Blackburn. The hearth was upgraded using Indian flagstone, and the wooden mantel was removed and replaced with stone because it didn’t meet safety standards. Job Location: Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1.

Esse 100DD Stove Installation

This customer wanted a larger stove installing but didn’t want to have a vent installed (they wanted to stay within the 5KW rating). We recommended an Esse 100 as they are physically quite large yet are only rated at 5KW. Job Location: Blacko, Lancashire, BB9.

Esse 200 Stove Installation

Some customers choose to carry out any necessary building work themselves. This is an example of one such job. An Esse 200 was chosen as they required a high kilowatt output but didn’t have a very large opening. The Esse 200 can be installed with an air gap of just 40mm to the sides. Job Location: Nelson, Lancashire, BB9.

Stove Installation

This stove replaced an electric real flame effect fire. The job included opening up the fireplace, a new 904 grade flue liner and of course sweeping the chimney prior to carrying out installation. Job location: Whittle-Le-Woods, Lancashire, PR6.

Town & Country ‘Thornton Dale’ Stove Installation

This job included removing an old gas fire and ‘opening up’ the old fire place to reveal the original features. When the customer saw the bare brick they decided they liked it and we cleaned them up, re-pointed and sealed them. A reclaimed stone flag was used as the hearth. Job location: Brierfield, Lancashire BB9.

Selection of 5KW Firefox Stoves

This is a small selection of 5KW Firefox Stoves that we have installed.

Aga Little Wenlock Stove Installation

A 5KW Little Wenlock Classic installed in a cottage in North Yorks. We also supplied and fitted a new chimney pot and twin wall flue liner. Job location: Thornton In Craven, North Yorkshire, BD23.

Stove Refurbishment – Poele A Bois ‘Le Select’

We refurbished this old wood burning stove ( Poele A Bois – ‘Le Select’) It included replacing the door rope, replacing mica and treating with stove bright polish. Job Location: Fence, Lancashire, BB9.

7″ Twin Wall Flue Replacement

This job included the replacement of a 25 year old twin wall flue system on an even older coal fired boiler in a farm house. Job Location: Bacup, Lancashire OL13.

Gas Stove Jobs

Although not as popular as solid fuel we also fit gas stoves from time to time. Here is a selection of gas stove jobs we have carried out. Often a particular model of wood burner or multi-fuel stove is also available as a gas stove.