There are strict regulations controlling the installation of solid fuel burners to ensure they are safe and efficient, and a ‘ certificate of compliance ‘ is a legal requirement upon completion of the work. Your local building inspector can provide this but the cost can be over £300 for his services. We are HETAS registered ( no. 3559 ) and all our work is up to their rigorous standards. Because of this a ‘ certificate of compliance ‘ can be issued by the building inspector without an inspection thus saving you a substantial sum of money. Without this certificate your home insurance may be invalidated and selling your house may be difficult in the future.

Installing a new solid fuel burner often involves a fair amount of building work, in fact it is the perfect time to create that cosy fireside area you’ve always wanted. The fireplace will usually need adapting or opening up and there may be plastering, tiling or pointing work to be done. There might also be work to do on the chimney.We are well experienced in these aspects of installing a solid fuel burner – it is part and parcel of the complete service we offer. We are also happy to advise you on the best stove for your needs as well as to purchase and deliver it to you.

Why choose a wood burner?

There is nothing that beats the feel of a solid fuel stove – it is the heart of the home. There is no better place to be when you come in from the cold and damp, than standing in front of a real fire –  no better place to sit and relax in the evening as you watch the flames. But atmosphere is not the only benefit. If you burn wood you are ” carbon neutral” – wood is a renewable energy source. As a tree grows it absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, ( it’s a good job plants do this or we would have run out of oxygen a long time ago ) ! When it dies, or is harvested, the carbon within it will be released anyway, by rotting or termite action, so it might as well be burnt to save non-renewable resources. As long as another tree is planted this will be re-absorbed, and so the cycle goes on in perfect balance.

If you want to ”go green” a wood burning stove is your best option. Some of them can recover over 85% of available heat from the fuel. An ideal green companion would be a solar thermal collector ( see solar thermal section ). In the winter the central heating and hot water needs are driven mainly by the stove, but with some help from the solar collector. As the seasons change the solar makes a bigger contribution as the heating needs diminish until the summer when the long days should give you all the hot water you need.

On the other hand you might want a solid fuel stove installing with no frills attached…….. we’re happy to do that too.

Maybe your needs are complex, maybe they are straightforward, either way we are fully equipped to deal with them. We have many pictures of stove installation jobs we have carried out here.